Game with an audience 📸

Buffd automatically pulls your game data and reports on your gameplay to fuel the banter bus with friends. You play. We report. No user input needed.
And... you're locked in. We'll be in touch soon with updates.
You messed something up...

Gaming with friends on a whole new level 🚀

Daily Reports
Play your games on the grand stage. Now, all your friends can see your biggest wins and demoralizing losses in a scrolling feed.
In-Depth Stats
Gone are the days of kill tallies by hand. Now you have lifetime records at your fingertips.

It's really quite simple: You game 🕹️. We report 📋.

Step 1: Play Video Games
Yeah, that's right. Just keep on playing.
Step 2: Do Nothing
We take care of all the stat tracking and report writing. You just reap the benfits.

Convinced yet?

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